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Intellectual & Developmental Disability Services

Intellectual and Developmental Disability (IDD) services offer a variety of programs and resources tailored to the individual’s specific needs. Services can span from assistance with daily living activities such as cooking, cleaning, bathing, and getting dressed, to working on communication and social skills, or finding and maintaining employment.

IDD services are flexible in how and where they are provided, as they can be provided in an independent living, community, or in a community home setting. And because an IDD diagnosis often comes with additional needs, such as mental and behavioral health support and other medical requirements, CSG coordinates with all providers to ensure treatment teams are fully aligned around the personal goals of each individual.

We are committed to empowering and supporting individuals with disabilities so they can live fulfilling lives, participate in their communities, and reach their full potential.

IDD Services

Adult Day Programs

CONCEPTS Community Participation Supports (CPS) services provide individuals with opportunities to participate in activities that develop and increase their daily living, social, communication, functional and vocational skills, as well as enhancing their independence and wellbeing in the community.

Behavioral Support Services

Provides consultative services to individuals, families and agencies. Our qualified clinicians are cross trained in working with both the behavioral needs of people with intellectual disabilities and also behavioral challenges due to mental health disorders, Trauma, Autism, Alzheimer ’s disease, Down Syndrome and other genetic disorders. 

Employment Services

Provides individuals with significant disabilities and requiring intensive levels of care with access to competitive and integrated employment, coaching and individualized on-site support.

Lifesharing Program

When we share life, we find out how much we have in common. The Lifesharing program from Community Services Group matches caring homes with individuals that have intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Mental Health and Intellectual Disabilities (MH/ID)

Provides specialized mobile treatment teams that work with individuals and their support systems to develop and implement treatment and interventions for individuals with co-occurring mental health disorders (MH), intellectual disabilities (ID), and behavioral challenges.

Residential Program

In our community homes, up to four individuals live together and receive 24 hour supervision. The level of staff supervision depends on each individual’s needs. Support may be very intensive or moderate in nature.

Supported Community Care

Provides support for individuals who live on their own or with their families. Services take place in natural settings, giving each individual an opportunity to participate in activities that they enjoy and help to add to their daily living, social and communication skills.

Other services

Locations & Information

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"I have learned life skills to get along with my peers as well as social skills and have many friends now. This year was very awesome to me as for the first time my 33 years I was able to get a chance to live independently, with ongoing support."