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Finding a plan to help you and your loved one move forward

The Behavioral Services Department at CSG provides consultative services to individuals, families and other agencies. Our qualified clinicians are cross trained in working with both the behavioral needs of people with intellectual disabilities and also behavioral challenges due to mental health disorders, Trauma, Autism, Alzheimer’s Disease, Down Syndrome and other genetic disorders.

Partnering with individuals, staff, family members and other clinicians, the behavior specialist facilitates support teams that develop, implement and monitor behavior support plans, train staff and provide intensive support when needed. We use what’s called a bio-psycho-social model, in which we combine positive approaches, applied behavior analysis, positive behavior interventions, functional assessments and psychiatric screening tools in order to understand and treat the whole person, rather than just focusing on physical symptoms or illnesses.

Behavioral support may benefit those who are receiving other community based services, transitioning out of a state institution, graduating from high school, or moving into a new living situation.