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Board Members

Susan Blue

CEO, President and owner of Community Services Group (CSG)

Susan Blue is the CEO, President and owner of Community Services Group (CSG). Susan began her employment with CSG in 1976 as a Program Director for an ambulatory behavioral health program. In 1986 she acquired the company and became the President and CEO of Community Services Group. Susan is a graduate of Juniata College with a Bachelor of Arts degree and Rutgers University having earned a Master Degree in Social Work.

Dana Henning, Ed.D.

Educational and Training Consultant

Dana Henning has a doctorate in Special Education and has spent her entire career working to support the needs and safety of people with developmental disabilities, mental health needs, behavioral needs, and dignity in aging.

Terry Blue, Ph.D.

Retired Professor, Elizabethtown College, Franklin and Marshall College and Penn State University at Harrisburg

Terry W. Blue, Ph.D. is a professor of Education Emeritus of Elizabethtown College. He also has worked in education at Penn State University, Franklin and Marshall College, and Penn State Harrisburg. His interest is helping others through teacher education blends well with the many supportive services offered through CSG.

Sarah Payne, M.B.A.

Impact Consulting Manager, ASSETS

Sarah Payne has vast experience consulting with nonprofits and for-profit businesses to create change in both local and global contexts. In her work, she focuses on developing and operationalizing strategies that equip organizations to improve their social and environmental impact. Sarah holds a Bachelor’s degree in World History from Messiah University and an MBA in Economic Development from Eastern University.

Charles Curie, M.A.

Healthcare Management Consultant

Charles Curie is the founder and principal of The Curie Group, LLC, a management and consulting firm that works with national and international leaders in public and private healthcare, particularly mental health services and treatment and prevention arenas. Charles is the Former Deputy Director of the PA OMHSAS and Former Administrator of SAMHSA.

Mark Fisher

Peer Representative

Mark Fisher is employed in CSG’s peer support program both as a provider of service and as a supervisor of other Peer Support Specialists. He provides the board with the unique perspectives of someone who has received services and an employee who interacts with individuals in service.

Brian Condron, M.D.

Retired Medical Director

Brian Condron is a retired community psychiatrist and addiction medicine specialist. He served as the Medical Director of Community Services Group prior to his retirement. He provides a unique perspective related to his many years as a community psychiatrist.