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IDD Residential Services

Not just a residential service, a place to make a home.

Our various IDD residential programs and services are able to support individuals at many different levels, including complex medical needs. Individuals in this program make a home and root their lives in the community. On site staff provide 24 hour support and supervision, individualized to the needs and abilities of each person. At every level of care, each person is able to grow their life and pursue their goals from the comfort and safety of their home in the community. Working with individuals, family members and other providers, our team helps each person to identify meaningful and life fulfilling goals and supports individuals in taking each step towards realizing and achieving them.

  • A Comprehensive Approach: Providing support in natural settings gives each individual an opportunity to participate in activities that they enjoy and help to add to their daily living, social and communication skills.
  • A Team of Support: Individuals work with every involved member of their support system to identify goals and challenges and steps they can take towards growing their life and community in the most impactful way.
  • Skills for Real World Settings: A community home allows each individual to explore and expand their world with the support of caring and dedicated professionals.