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Youth Firesetting Assessment Consultation Treatment Services

Youth Firesetting is a community issue.

According to the Office of the Pennsylvania State Fire Commissioner, over half of the people arrested for arson are under 18 years of age. Almost 7% of youth arrested for arson are below 10 years old. Youth firesetting is not just a law enforcement issue, it’s a community issue.

CSG’s Youth Firesetting Assessment Consultation Treatment Services, the YFACTS treatment program, has been holistically designed to address all systems within the community.

Our Fire Science and Safety Consultant is a retired fire chief who, with a dedicated team, is focused on supporting at-risk children and adolescents so they may still participate in their community, rather than placing youth in restrictive settings.


The YFACTS program addresses the underlying factors leading to children and adolescents inappropriate use of fire. Our interdisciplinary team create customized treatment plans that will:

  • Help participants understand the relationship between firesetting and destructive behavior
  • Improve communication, social and coping skills
  • Practice feelings management
  • Learn problem-solving and assertiveness skills

YFACTS’ comprehensive assessment of firesetting behaviors, safety and crisis planning, and relapse prevention has a proven track record of success. Together with families, law enforcement, first responders, and schools, we work to foster positive outcomes for at-risk youth.