Juvenile Firesetter Assessment Consultation Treatment Services (JFACTS)

Juvenile firesetting behavior is not just a problem for fire departments. Firestting is a community issue involving many people and systems, including the child or adolescent and his/her family, juvenile justice, children and youth, behavioral health, social services, fire services, police services, and the education system. As such, treatment designed to address juvenile firesetting behavior needs to involve the community systems surrounding and supporting the child or adolescent and his/her family. Community Services Group (CSG)’s JFACTS program was created to support the at-risk child/adolescent’s continued participation in the community, preventing placement into a more restrictive setting.

JFACTS specifically addresses the needs of children and adolescents who engage in the inappropriate use of fire. An interdisciplinary team collaborates to determine the duration and frequency of services as well as to eliminate fire behavior across systems and settings. JFACTS provides a comprehensive assessment of firesetting behaviors, safety and crisis planning, and relapse prevention planning. Treatment planning is designed to reduce and eliminate the inappropriate use of fire with fire safety education provided to the child or adolescent and his/her family by a retired Fire Chief who serves as the program’s Fire Science and Safety Consultant.

Goals addressed in JFACTS include improved understanding of the relationship between firesetting and destructive behaviors, improved coping skills, feelings management, communication skills, social skills, problem-solving skills, and assertiveness skills. Additionally we work to improve self-concept, increase understanding of fire science and fire safety, increase safety within the home and community, and to be more connected with the community.

About CSG

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For more information about Juvenile Firesetter Assessment Consultation Treatment Services, call 877.907.7970 or contact Holly Hampton, at 717.920.9434 x 10230 or hamptonh@csgonline.org .