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At CSG, we believe that every mind is beautiful. That's why we don't just provide the best services - we create the best work environment as well. Here, you'll get to make a difference everyday while gaining the skills and opportunities you deserve. Use your creativity and compassion to assist others to experience life to its fullest!

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We love gaining new team members who are passionate, caring, and dedicated to excellence.

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“It’s a wonderful feeling – it’s an amazing feeling – to know when I go home at night that there are people that are successful because we as a team got together and got them the resources that they need.”

“I feel like this is something I should have been doing all my life.”

“The best part about working for CSG is the opportunities you get working there. Everybody from your coworkers to your supervisors really wants everyone here to succeed, not just in the work we do but also personally.”

“I feel that being there for the residents I work with makes a difference in their lives every day.”

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