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Capitol Day 2024 | CSG

Capitol Day 2024: CSG Joins RCPA for a Day of Advocacy

On March 19th, 2024, the Rehabilitation & Community Providers Association (RCPA) held its annual Capitol Day in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. This event brought together advocates, providers, and legislators to discuss crucial issues impacting the state’s healthcare landscape, particularly focusing on mental health, intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD), and other critical services.

Here are some of the key topics and initiatives that were addressed throughout the day regarding issues around mental health, IDD and more.

Workforce and Regulatory Reform

A central theme throughout the day was the need to address workforce challenges. RCPA advocated for increased funding for various staff positions, including Direct Support Professionals (DSPs), Direct Care Workers (DCWs), counselors, and case managers. Additionally, reducing burdensome regulations and administrative tasks was a priority, aiming to streamline access to care for individuals seeking help.

Prioritizing Mental Health Funding

The event highlighted the critical need for increased investment in mental health services. RCPA pushed for initiatives like $100 million in funding for adult mental health services and $60 million for continued support of county-based mental health programs. Additionally, they advocated for $100 million dedicated to school-based mental health initiatives, fostering collaboration between schools and community-based treatment providers.

Focus on IDD Services and Support

RCPA championed the proposed increased funding for IDD services by advocating for an additional $430 million. They also emphasized stakeholder involvement in the Selective Contracting Waiver and programs supporting individuals with severe disabilities. Revamping the Consumer Preference System (CPS) to respect individual choices and a broader interpretation of the CMS Settings Rule were additional priorities.

Looking Ahead

RCPA Capitol Day 2024 once again provided a vital platform for raising awareness and advocating for impactful changes across various healthcare sectors. The collaborative spirit of the event underscores the collective effort needed to address critical workforce challenges, ensure adequate funding, and ultimately improve the lives of individuals receiving these essential services.

Learn more about this year’s Capitol Day here.

Individuals pictured above include, (L to R) William Isaac, Peg Van Schaick, Leah Vekios, Susan Blue, Jen Cutshall, Julie Weaver, Morgan O’Donnell, Jodi Good, Lisa Basci. Photo Credit: Mary Beth Greenhalgh