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Internship Program | CSG

Is an Internship at CSG Right for Me?

Mental health and Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD) services are critical components of healthcare, and have also become important topics within the home and workplace. As students and professionals begin to explore the possibilities of a career path in these fields, an internship can be the perfect place to start. Internships in mental health, behavioral health and IDD can provide students with valuable on-the-job experience and training and give them an idea of what their life in a full-time role could look like. Read more to find out what the benefits of an internship with CSG could offer you.

Experience Beyond the Classroom

Interns at CSG have the opportunity to take their experience beyond the classroom, working alongside experienced employees and the individuals we serve. We believe in making sure CSG interns are able to be part of the team, and will be able to work on many different aspects of care, such as developing individual goals and plans, side by side learning with clinicians who are making a diagnosis, and providing support to individuals and families.

Sharpen Skills

In addition to gaining experience, internships with CSG focus on developing strategic and on-the-job skills. Interns can learn about different treatment modalities, ethical considerations, and how to navigate the healthcare system. They will also deepen their communication, interpersonal, and problem-solving skills.

Build A Network

Internships are a great way to meet and learn from other students, supervisors, and other mental health professionals, and allow you to build and foster a professional network. The connections you make during your internship often prove to be beneficial into future careers and opportunities.

Explore Options

We believe that students should have the opportunity to explore the many different career options in mental or behavioral health and IDD services. CSG offers many different types of settings to experience, including outpatient, home based, school, residential programs, and rehabilitative services. Internships can give students the opportunity to learn about different career paths and find your professional passion.

Find out More about CSG Internships

If any of these benefits sound like something you’d like to learn more about, or if you’re interested in exploring a career in mental or behavioral health, an internship at CSG could be the perfect place to start. Contact our Internship Coordinator at 877-907-7970.