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CSG Opens its First Adolescent Residential Treatment Facility in Lancaster

We’re excited to announce that CSG is opening its first Adolescent Residential Treatment Facility.  This new facility will allow us to provide the much-needed support to individuals aged 14 to 18 (up to 21 for those still enrolled in secondary education) dealing with more severe mental health issues in a safe and supportive environment. Referrals for the program will come through PerformCare.

About the Facility

Located in Manheim, PA, our new facility offers a safe treatment environment for adolescents who are experiencing significant impact to their daily life as a result of mental health challenges.  Each individual will be supported by trained therapeutic staff to prepare them and their families for a healthy and successful transition back to their home community.

Residents will have the opportunity to participate in daily living activities, including social events and vocational training.  Access to education and community resources is provided to all residents in the program.

A Community Resource, Close to Home

“Currently, there is a gap in the services available to adolescents living in Lancaster County,” says Kate Pettit, Residential Treatment Facility Program Director. “Providing a residential treatment program will allow children to receive this level of care much closer to their homes and communities.  This means it is easier and more possible for family members and other supports to fully participate in treatment and successful discharge planning.”  

Get in Touch

If you have more questions or would like to speak with someone about our Adolescent Residential Treatment Facility, contact us today at 1.877.907.7970.