May is Mental Health Awareness Month (#MentalHealthMonth) and CSG is as committed as ever to providing the resources and support needed for individuals living with a mental health illness. Mental Health has become a growing crisis, especially over the last few years, and CSG’s comprehensive offering of programs are here to meet the needs of individuals of all ages, backgrounds and stages of life. 

One of CSG’s newest initiatives is the EPIC (Early Psychosis Intervention Collaborative) Program. This program is a partnership with HeadsUp, and is intended to increase access to early intervention, raise awareness of psychosis, help spot signs and destigmatize the many misconceptions of this diagnosis. 

With the spotlight on the important subject of mental health this month, CSG is going to be sharing helpful information over the next few weeks, including tips, warning signs and other key information. The goal of these posts is to ensure more individuals are educated about psychosis and empowered to get the proper help for themselves or a loved one that may be experiencing symptoms.

“Education is a critical part of mental health, especially when it comes to a diagnosis that carries such a heavy stigma,” says Ivy Eldred, CSG Practice Manager. “The EPIC Program gives us a way to take something that feels overwhelming, and make it feel manageable. And even more importantly, help people see that they can live a full life if they just have the right tools at their disposal.”

Follow along CSG’s Facebook and Instagram channels to find out how you can help support the EPIC Program and raise awareness around psychosis and how to offer support, or contact us to talk with someone about EPIC and other available CSG services. 

You can also check out some of our EPIC Program Tools and Educational Materials here: