Service Excellence

At CSG our goal is always to ensure you have the best experience possible and we strive to provide our individuals and their families with the highest quality of care. If you’re preparing for your next visit and aren’t sure what to expect, here are a few things to keep in mind before you meet with a CSG team member to discuss treatment for you or your loved one.

Preparing for a Mental Health Assessment

Make a list of questions. You’ll be working closely a member of our team to develop a personalized treatment plan, but we understand that every individual – and every situation – is unique. You may have questions about insurance coverage, what to expect throughout the course of treatment, or the role of medication in your care.

Know the facts. Stigma about mental conditions and intellectual and developmental disabilities can discourage individuals from seeking treatment, and lead them to avoid opportunities for advancement.  By working with a member of our team and establishing personal goals, we help individuals with mental health conditions and IDD realize their full potential and understand that their capabilities extend far beyond common misconceptions.

Be ready to share. Taking an active role in treatment can help you achieve the best possible outcome. Bring a list of any previous treatments or therapies, as well as current prescription or nonprescription medications. Be as candid with your as possible – the more we know about you, the more we can help.