CSG Member Works to End Homelessness in Lancaster

Many of CSG’s team members strive to make a difference in their communities. One example of this is Kristin Labezius, one of our mental health supervisors. Labezius works to end homelessness in Lancaster County by engaging homeless people in parks around Lancater and finding them shelter.

During her interactions, Labezius listens to their stories and hands out supplies, such as water bottles, sunscreen, and other necessities. Many of these individuals suffer from mental illnesses, which can make the interactions more difficult. Sometimes people ignore Labezius, which can get discouraging.

But Labezius is persistant.

Labezius encountered one man in Binns Park who had suffered from several heart attacks that led to coronary bypass surgery. After losing his home in 2012, he became depressed. When Labezius first initiated contact with him, the man ignored her. Through her dedication, Labezius was able to get him into short-term housing, where he got the medical assistance and housing he needed. About a year later, he moved into a supportive housing facility, and has lived there ever since. The man says he owes his life to Labezius.

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