Extraordinary Experiences

We’re committed to continuously improving our services, processes, staff performance, business operations and individual interactions so we can create extraordinary experiences for everyone we serve. Our continued success is linked to honest, ethical and professional behavior in all clinical and business activities, by all employees, at all times.

In their own words

Testimonials from individuals served by CSG and their family members

“My son has been with the CSG program for approximately 7 months. This is the longest consecutive length of time he’s had without a relapse for many years, and that’s very important because every relapse causes more damage. The staff at the [home] focuses on his personal strengths and interests and uses those to help him move towards recovery. Thank you.”

“I want to personally thank you all for saving my life. The care, concern, support, and hope you have all given me is priceless!! I will never forget you all. You all really probably don’t realize actually what your service really means to an addict/mental illness person like me whom has lost everything including myself. You have given me what I could not achieve or get on my own. Most of all you gave me hope.”

“I’m a consumer of CSG I am glad to be here. It gives me a chance to get back on my feet. I appreciate my bed and food, they also give me a chance to get my GED and my day program. Thank you.”

“I would like to commend the staff who support [my son] through CSG. His disability is multi-challenging in many areas and they work hard to meet [his] needs. I appreciate their effort immensely.”

“I wanted to say thank you and that I love the foster care program as a whole. Your agency has been the strength and foundation throughout this 2-year journey. The support, love, encouragement from your staff has been overwhelming from beginning to end. Our family has all of you to thank for making us complete.”

“I am writing this letter because I know most of the time you just receive the bad news and troubling news and I wanted to let you know you have a wonderful agency. I enjoy working for and with CSG very much and hope to continue to do so for as long as I am able. It is my pleasure to know all the people associated with CSG and I am hoping for continued success as a foster parent which would not be possible without the guidance and help of fine staff members that you hire for your agency. Thank you for your time and keep up the good work.”

“Yesterday it was discovered that one of our PH participants ended up finding out that there was a problem with her insurance and she does not have money at this time to pay for her medications. Staff e-mailed Dr. Benaknin yesterday and he explained what the options would be and asked staff to let him know what her decision was, stating they could text or call him on his cell since he would be off today and he would follow-up with the pharmacy. He left yesterday and forgot to share his cell number with us and he showed up here this afternoon to say he realized he had forgotten this and to check on the status of this patient. He took time while he was here to see what samples are available and tell us what to recommend to the patient, and once we found out her decision and texted him he got right back to us to resolve the issue. I really felt that he showed a level of commitment to the client and the program that was commendable and felt this should be shared.”

“You did a wonderful job with [my son] and he talked very highly of you. He said to me you taught him good things. You did a wonderful job and you do very well at your job… [he] said you were a nice counselor and I am glad for what you have taught me to handle [him]. You do a wonderful job in what you do.”

“Cassandra has been exceptional and we have seen improvements in our son due to Cassandra. She always shows up on time and is helpful.”

“Brittany is a perfect match for [my son], she seems to understand him and he responds well to her with respect and compliance.”

“Emily is doing an excellent job helping [my son] with dealing with frustrations and showing appropriate behaviors in class.”

“Joe has been excellent with [my son]. Being a male close to his age, he has been a positive influence and role model.”

“Charlotte has become an essential member of our verbal behavior team. We value her presence in the classroom and her ability to transfer skills to the home environment.”

“Walking into the office one morning, I was approached by a man in the parking lot wearing a very light jacket and carrying a 3×5 card covered in addresses and phone numbers. He asked me for directions to building 802 where “they have people that deal with PTSD.” Handwritten on the card in his hand were all the potential places of service in Lancaster that an out of town friend had looked up for him. I asked if he knew about CSG, and he responded that he had gone into our office looking for Dr. Condron, but he is no longer here. After providing the directions he needed, I explained that CSG has a lot of clinicians and that we could connect him with someone else who may be able to help. He said he had used the phone in our waiting room to talk to some people (the Referrals Team) and had been asked to provide his SSN, but he didn’t want to share that information because of two previous experiences with identity theft. He was just afraid. He then explained that he was new to the area and was a Vietnam Vet. He had been suffering from flashbacks, nightmares, and insomnia. His experience with the VA had been very poor, and he was struggling to trust other providers. Ultimately, we went back inside CSG to see what support we could find. What we found was Tina Schadewald and Registration Staff (Jecy and Belkys), and we explained his situation and his concerns. Tina went into action immediately, while Jecy and Belkys helped to create a safe and welcoming environment in the waiting area. She located Dave Schreder, who was available to see someone for Same Day Access, and the gentleman was so grateful to sit down with someone face to face and get walked through the process. In 15 minutes, this man went from and untrusting and cold and frustrated in the parking lot to grateful and warm and hopeful in an office where he felt safe and supported. It was one of those moments that reminded me why we are here, why I love working here, and how lucky I am to have co-workers like Tina and Dave and Belkys and Jecy. It took every person in that scenario to make a difference for this man, and the team pulled together to make sure that we understood what he needed, and we met him where he is in order to provide that. This is why we come to work every day. An hour after he walked through our door, he was still talking with Dave and he was scheduled for therapy with Joanne Leatherman. For this man, I am certain this was an extraordinary experience. I know it was for me, as an employee surrounded by exemplary and extraordinary co-workers. Since that time, the gentleman that we now serve in our outpatient office has visited Registration Staff at Entrance B on multiple occasions and has delivered flowers to the ladies there, as a gesture of thanks. I am proud to be here and work alongside people that are committed to helping people in this way.”