Adoption Services & Permanency Program

Community Services Group believes that every child deserves a permanent, loving family. Learning how to be a family can take time, planning, expertise and resources. CSG’s Adoption and Permanency Program provides highly personalized and professional adoption services to meet the individual challenges as children and families experience the joys of being a family.

Maintaining permanency is lifelong and can impact a child and family’s development. CSG’s adoption program helps children and families know what to expect during the entire adoption and permanency process as they work through periods of adjustment, ensuring they have someone to turn to for support long after the paperwork is completed.

Permanency Opportunities

Children dream about being loved and belonging to a family, and many have lost that dream as a result of abuse, neglect, trauma, and multiple placements. CSG’s services help children realize that dream.

CSG's Adoption Services and Permanency Program includes placement supervision, home visits, completion of required reports, working with attorneys and courts to facilitate and adoption in a timely manner, and the provision of post permanency support.

Post-Permanency Services

CSG provides Post-Adoption Services to any family who lives in PA and has adopted or is providing permanency through formal guardianship or kinship. These services offer each family ongoing support as they work through periods of change, adjustment and growth.

Available Post-Permanency Services include case assessments and advocacy, respite services and support groups.

Adoption and Permanency Service Locations and Information:

For referrals or more information, call 877.907.7970 or contact us.

Community Services Group

2330 Vartan Way, Suite 204
Harrisburg, PA 17110

Families wanting to start post-permanency services need to call the SWAN HelpLine at 800.585.SWAN(7926).